• Image of Stone Sprite 11cm BJD #3 - Home casted

FREE MAKEUP INCLUDED: This Stone Sprite comes already customized to look like a stone.


• height: 10,8 cm
• head circumference: 13 cm
• eyes size: 6 mm (showing a little sclera) /
8 mm (showing no sclera)
• neck circumference: 3 cm
• chest circumference: 6 cm
• waist circumference: 5,5 cm
• hips circumference: 7,5 cm
• shoulder to shoulder: 2,8 cm
• tigh circumference: 3,3 cm
• calf circumference: 2,9 cm
• arm circumference: 2,1 cm
• torso length: 4cm
• arm length (hand included): 4,2 cm
• legs length (without foot): 3,1 cm
• foot length: 1,5 cm


This doll comes blank. For a stone customization (which would be +20€ to the order) contact the seller after placing your order.


These dolls are 100% home made. They have been hand casted without using a pressure pot, so they may contain small air bubbles filled with grey epoxy putty. That doesn't affect their appearence due to their rocky texture, but the color between the resin and the epoxy differs anyway. Please, take a look at the pictures and make sure you agree with this before you buy this item.

All Stone Sprites already come with hot glue on their knee joints in order to improve poseability.


Stone Sprites or "Hadas de roca" are inspired by the background characters in the novel "El Rey Trasgo" by my friend Alberto Morán, who gently gave me permission to use the Spanish name for this dolls. If you can read in Spanish, I highly recommend you to read the books!

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